Saving the high cost of energy by spending a little on windows.

I recently installed the windows in a new home.

Previous to the construction I had discussed with the homeowners the benefits of improving the glazing in a home. This was done by installing an upgraded glass into the same standard frame.

In this home we chose to spend an additional $1700 in upgrading from the standard 3mm Glass to a 4mm smartglass option from the window manufacturer.

Without changing anything else this improved the energy star rating of the home from a 6.9 star home (or an average usageof 67.5 Mj per m2 per month) to a 7.4 star home (or an average usage of 57.3 Mj per m2 per month)

This may not sound like a big deal. However, if you stand to save (on my calculations of 27 cents per kilowatt) around $75 per month in heating or cooling year around, that window upgrade has paid for itself in under 2 years.

Glass smart.

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This home has a long story, and came with a lot of learning. It is nice to see a design I had so much control over be completed. I still feel it fits in with the block and the township quite well.

Bendeich drive

Bendeich drive

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Double double swinging doors

It seems doors like this are no longer in production. I had a specific client request to build them.  

They are awaiting some saftey glass or clear Perspex and paint to finish them off. 

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So now I am qualified to do a bit more.

This actually has already been a great help in understanding the future of energy efficiency in construction.

I look forward to working with YOU to reduce your future energy bills by making practical decisions during the construction process. 

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HIA hunter regional Finalist

One of my builds made it to the Hunter Region HIA awards this month. This was a first for us and my wife and I got to enjoy a night out at the Awards event in Newcastle. We were one of 3

finalists in our category. There certainly were some amazing projects in the competition and it was nice to be a part of.


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Occupational Hazard

A project company will build your home and leave it to you to complete your home.  

By the time you get your keys, you have given them all your money and they haven’t even left you with a driveway. 

Here is the last piece of the turn key package I am handing over to my client.  Along with the driveway and landscaping and no variations costs along the way.


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Completion imminent.

Loads of trades, men and women, young and old, have worked hard to get this home to this point. 

A couple little more things and this house can become a home. 

Bathroom treatment

The wedges are colorful, but once they are out and the tiles are grouted, these bathrooms will look crisp and clean.  


Looking forward to getting the fittings in here.  

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Greta homes

The second of three homes that I completed last week for a Sydney company.

These three took just over 5 months, and I am quite happy with the results.


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